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Björkö Telnfabrik Ab is located on Björköby island, about 35 km from Vaasa, in the midst of Unesco’s World Natural Heritage site in the Kvarken Archipelago in Finland.

The company was founded in 1956 by Anton Björkman (1925-2007), an islander with long and practical experience of fishing and manufacture of fishing tackle. From the very beginning, the manufacture was geared towards the requirements of professional fishermen – where first-rate quality is the decisive factor. Björkö Telnfabrik Ab is today a leading manufacturer of braided floatlines and sinklines for fishnets. We engage in constant product development in close cooperation with our customers. Our product range covers nearly all the floatlines and sinklines for gillnets - from fishing on inland lakes to deep-sea fishing on the oceans.

As the company grew, it expanded to make nets, trap nets, seines, and net-cages for fish farming. Our products are often tailored to meet each customer’s needs. We are just as happy to tender for large trap nets for whitefish as for small seine nets for research fishing.

We are also skilled makers of protective and nets for industries and construction sites or barrier nets for sports grounds – e.g. golf nets, tennis nets, or soccer nets. We keep in stock nets for the most common requirements, polyethylene or nylon nets of varying mesh size and twine thickness.

Over the years, we have built up a comprehensive stock of accessories for fishery and the marine sector: nets, nettings, floats, buoys, ropes, twines & lines, rainwear and all kinds of thinkable and unthinkable fishing gear.

In addition, we manufacture various types of lead profiles with our extruders, e.g. lead chains and lead lines. They are used as sinkers, in chemical processes or in the measurement of tolerances in the manufacture of machines.


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Björkö Telnfabrik Ab Björkövägen 771, 65870 Björköby | Tel. +358 6 3524500

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